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About Bump 2 Baby

Photographic Experiences

Our Bump 2 Baby schemes are exclusive for UK photographers wanting to offer photographic experiences to Mums-to-Be and children as they approach significant milestone birthdays. Our data is supplied from numerous sources including Barratt & Coe as well as an expert data company that compile their information from multiple different avenues. In addition, over the coming months more data streams will be added to our pool of data these will be de-duplicated against each other and are all TPS checked and have opted in to receive 3rd party offers.

With this data you are able to offer any offer you wish to promote and can contact prospective clients as many times as you like for 12 months. You are free to design your own artwork, and we will approve it if you would like us to; this is not compulsory. A significant benefit to this data is that c.75% have email addresses and phone numbers.

The data is charged at either £1.95(+vat) or £1.00(+vat) per name depending on which data set you take and more details can be obtained by calling us.

You are free to design our own letters

Obviously you are free to design all your own correspondence using your own imagery, logos and style. We are on hand to support you and guide you with examples previously used.