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About Our Data Sets

Our data schemes are perfect for UK photographers wanting to fill their empty diary slots with sessions types including; Maternity, Baby, 1st & 2nd Birthday Cake Smash, makeover and Boudoir. Our data is supplied from numerous sources including Barratt & Coe’ Emma’s Diary, Your Baby Club, Your Beauty Club as well as an expert data company that compile their information from multiple different avenues. Photographers can select as many data sets to join as they wish and then subscribe to each postcode they require by paying a one-time £5 + vat post code registration fee.

Emma’s Diary

Emma’s Diary data, you are able to set any offer you wish and can contact prospective clients as many times as you like within 12 months of receiving your data. A significant benefit to this data is that Emma’s Diary is now a household name and a well-respected lead source, in addition to c.75% have email addresses and phone numbers. You also have the opportunity for an additional £10 + vat per month to join Barrett & Coe’s Baby of The Month scheme, which offers your clients opportunities to enter images taken by you into the competition and win significant cash prizes as well as a full and FREE marketing support system to help you with conversion rates – It’s a ‘No-Brainer’.

ED data is charged at £1.99 + vat per record and is capped at a maximum of 35 leads per postcode per month which will be made up of pre-natal and post-natal prospects. Data is sent out to members once a month, usually on the last working day.

Bump 2 Baby & Fresh Direct

Bump 2 Baby and Fresh Direct data is harvested in real-time via the Your Baby Club and Your Beauty Club websites, it is 100% GDPR compliant and opted in data. The Bump 2 Baby set provides the details of mums from 6 months pregnant through to babies 3 months old and offers them the choice of either a free Bump 2 Baby package or New Family photo shoot. Fresh Direct targets women 18+ and gives them the choice of either a free model makeover or boudoir experience including hair & makeup which the studio has to provide without charge. The USP of these two data sets is that 100% of the data will have phone numbers and email addresses and you can use the data for whatever you like after the initial packages are offered as you will own the data and not rent it.

The cost of this data has been discounted for launch down to £1.99 + vat per record until 1st September 2018, when it will increase to £2.50 + vat per record. The data is sent to members weekly on a Wednesday afternoon and is capped at 10 leads per week per postcode.

Bump 2 Baby & Fresh Direct Membership Pack

View more information in our Membership Pack here.

What are our clients say about this great new data set?

“B2B data working great so far. Contacted 20, spoke to 10 and booked in 4, all with paid deposits. Still have a lot more data to go through.”   Bradley Bulmer, Stan Plus Stan Two Photography

“Love these B2B leads, first call, first booking with a deposit – keep them coming”   Louise Grice, Photo Stoke

“So this new ‘Your Baby Club’ Data, we have had 2 batches so far with an amazing conversion rate BUT that doesn’t mean anything until the final sale, Well we have come up with a great way of marketing to our data and its proven a great success so far with getting the clients to upgrade to our own package rather than the FREE one on the website, well today we had our first client in for their shoot, Pre prepped in the way we prep all our clients, they came in, loved it, and brought our Top Package £1195. Even Baby Layla was excited to be here !!! This data is GOLD DUST !!!”   Brendan Taylor, Baby Art UK

“I am very happy, received 4 B2B leads last week and now have 2 maternity bookings, therefore I have increased my areas. Thank you.”   Sarah Tate Photography

“My leads so far I’ve had 28 I have got 6 bookings all pregnant ladies due either next year or end of year. Honestly having done all other baby data this is in my experience by far the best.”             Tara Pretty, Hammonds Photography Studios

“First B2B client: £725. That’ll do!”   James Corbett, Firefly Derby

1st & 2nd Birthday

1st & 2nd Birthday, working with top data houses we have pooled together a data set comprising of mums with a baby turning 10 months old or toddler turning 22 months old. This data is just perfect for First and Second birthday promotions including Cake Smash and generations portrait sessions. The data is in small volumes so please don’t expect too much data, however what you get will be relevant and as it’s a colder lead source than ED and B2B it is charged at just £1 + vat per record. In addition to c.75% have email addresses and phone numbers. The data is sent out around the 15th of each month.

To join either or all of the Click data sets please call us on 01923 294 942 or 01923 297417.