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About the Groups

The Click Group The Fresh Group Boudoir by Fresh

The Click Group, Fresh and Boudoir by Fresh are the three primary photography groups of CCC. Each group operates in a different specific area of the photographic industry.

̵   The Click Group specialises in portraiture experiences, including families, children and pets.

̵   Fresh is our fashion makeover group, offering a complete package including professional make up, hair styling, photo shoot and then a viewing session.

̵   Boudoir by Fresh encompasses the very same experience as Fresh but focuses on the specialist genre that is high end Boudoir photography.

We generate in excess of 50,000 new clients per year for our UK Members, bringing in a combined income of approximately £15 million worth of portrait and make-over sales.

15-12-15-dudoir-logoIt has become the ‘in thing’ for men to have photoshoots to have masculine and stylish yet tasteful images taken within a cool setting. Dudoir by Fresh is a great opportunity for them to show their masculine side whether they are looking for GQ style images or just fitness style images even just to create a gift for a loved one.
With over 30 locations across the UK you won’t have to travel to far either.

Generating Quality Leads for Photographic Studios across the UK and USA

CCC generates new quality clients for photographers by key marketing initiatives, which include:

  • Media promotions
  • On-pack loyalty rewards
  • Company incentive reward schemes
  • Gift Experiences

The Click Group was launched to generate new clients for independent Photography Studios. Today, our Click UK Group has over 120 Members and the Group is the destination marketing solution for UK photographers. Together with Fresh, Click has gained approximately 80% of the Gift Experience market and we now supply almost every major marketing agency with our promotions.

Members state that Click & Fresh accounts for over 50% of their turnover!

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Launched following the success of Click, Fresh concentrates on fashion make-overs and photography shoots giving the customer an incredible photographic experience. A package includes a style consultation, professional make-up and hair styling, followed by a photo shoot and viewing. It is up to the member studio to organise the hair/ make up artist required for all Fresh sessions. Today Fresh UK has over 80 Members

Boudoir by Fresh focuses on sensual, sophisticated photography within the highly fashionable Boudoir genre. This Group offers full Boudoir style make-over photo-shoots across the UK. This genre of photography has grown in popularity in recent years and as with Fresh, Boudoir’s focus is to generate new clients for independent Photography Studios.

Essentially Boudoir is the elite brand of the Fresh Group with over 60 members across the UK, the business only allows those who are the very best to become Members and all wishing to join must undergo specialised training in this genre of photography. These photographic shoots give the customer an incredible and professional photographic experience from start to finish, incorporating a consultation prior to the photo-shoot, make-up, hair styling and a  boudoir photographic session in the Studio, where the client wears their own lingerie. Following this, the customer enjoys a viewing of images for the all-important product selection.

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